Amazing Stories is an American science fiction magazine first launched in April 1926 by Hugo Gernsback‘s Experimenter Publishing, and continuing since 2012 as an online magazine. As the first magazine that ran only science fiction stories, it helped define a new genre of pulp fiction, and science fiction fandom traces its beginnings to the letters-to-the-editor columns in Amazing and its competitors. Gernsback’s initial editorial approach was to blend instruction with entertainment; he believed science fiction could educate readers, but his audience rapidly showed a preference for implausible adventures. The magazine was published, with some interruptions, for almost eighty years, going through a half-dozen owners and many editors, including Raymond A. Palmer, as it struggled to be profitable. Amazing was nominated for the Hugo Award three times in the 1970s during Ted White‘s tenure as editor. Several owners attempted to create a modern incarnation of the magazine, but the print publication was suspended after the March 2005 issue.