Candle Offering

Offerings of light are appropriate to celebrate events, to offer with prayers for friends and family during difficult times, and in the days following someone’s death. In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, offerings of light have great significance. The symbolism of light dispels the darkness of ignorance through the light of the Buddha’s teachings, wisdom, and compassion for all beings.

Light is also said to represent the flame of awakened mind, which illuminates reality as it is. An offering of light represents the aspiration to attain Buddhahood and celebrates enlightenment. The light at the first of the year is symbolic of lighting virtues and the light of auspiciousness.

The most auspicious light offerings are made before consecrated images of fully enlightened beings such as those at the temple. We can do this for you.

Please use the options below to request your light offering for as many lamps and as many days as you wish.

Candles Offered Over a Period of Time

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Candles Offered All on One Day

One-day candle offering
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