Disposal of Unneeded Dharma Materials

Tsechen Kunchab Ling can help you dispose of any unneeded Dharma materials. Proper disposal is important because having taking refuge in the Three Jewels we vow to respect representations of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, including even the most humble images of the Buddha and scraps of paper with even a single word of Dharma. In modern times, keeping that vow has become increasingly difficult. Throughout the year we are inundated with advertisements, photocopies, and other items stamped with images of the Buddha, words of the Dharma, and names of the Sangha.

In order to assist those who wish to properly dispose of these respected but unneeded items, Tsechen Kunchab Ling accepts Dharma items to be included in its periodic ritual disposal ceremonies.

Several times a year, a special burning ritual is performed to properly dispose of Dharma items that have accumulated in the temple. If you would like to send materials to be included in the ritual, please mail them to the temple (address below) or bring them the next time you come.

It is meritorious to include a donation to help sponsor the ritual.

Please send your materials and donation by either check or online payment to:

Tsechen Kunchab Ling
12 Edmunds Ln
Walden, NY 12586