A Garland of Jewels

This summer, H.H. the 42nd Sakya Trizin will bestow a series of teachings on A Garland of Jewels, a famous Sakya classic written by Drogon Chogyal Phagpa, a great thirteenth century master who was the fifth of the five founders of the Sakya Order.

A Garland of Jewels was written as leadership training and spiritual guidance for one of the princes in Kublai Khan’s court.  As relevant today as in the past, the text teaches us how to navigate the people, pleasures, and pains of this world, how to embark on the path of self-liberation, and ultimately, how to traverse the path to complete enlightenment.

About Chogyal Phagpa

Chogyal Phagpa was a great thirteenth-century master who lived an extraordinary life near the epicenter of world history.  He was the fifth of the five great founders of the Sakya Order.

At a young age, Chogyal Phagpa was invited to the court of Kublai Khan, one of Genghis’s grandsons and the founder of China’s Yuan Dynasty.  He immediately made a powerful impression upon the ruler and quickly became Kublai’s favored Buddhist teacher.  Chogyal Phagpa’s influence and the power of his Dharma teachings converted the Mongols to Buddhism so thoroughly that Mongolia ultimately remains Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition to this day.